Albertini solutions

Albertini produces windows, doors and shutters guided by the conviction that constant Research&Development is the only proven mean to ensure the highest continuing quality.

With the top quality standards of the product, together with some simple shrewdnesses of ordinary maintenance, wooden windows can practically live forever.

While our personnel is mounting the windows at your home, ask them the product label which carries the whole information on the product and can allow the tracing and any eventual post-selling intervention.


The most typical phenomenon of periods of extreme cold is the occurrence of CONDENSATION.

Since the window is the cooler component and the one more in contact with the outside, is obvious and predictable that this phenomenon arises in a more evident on this element of the building envelope.

Click here to download our booklet with suggestions to reduce condensation


To ensure a long life and a constant functionality, all windows exposed to the exterior require a periodic accurate control to determine the more eligible procedure to restore the original conditions.

To preserve the warmth and beauty at best, we suggest doing a periodical maintenance using the product of Sayerlack's Linea Blu.
Albertini can supply a kit for first maintenance containing all the tools suitable to nourish and prolongue the life of windows.
The kit can be bought by asking your authorised seller Albertini.

Click here to download the instructions.

Manoeuvre of tilt and turn

Position of continual ventilation of the room.

Only for a short but deep change of air or while cleaning of glass. Do not leave the window unattended while in this position.

Position of closing: when airing is not needed and in case of absence from the local.