Albertini services

Albertini produces windows, doors and shutters guided by the conviction that constant research and development are the only proven means to ensure the highest continuing quality. With the high quality standards of the product, together with some simple shrewdnesses of ordinary maintenance, wooden windows can practically live forever. While our personnel is mounting the windows at your home, ask them the product label which carries the whole information on the product and can allow the tracing and any eventual post-selling intervention.

Warranty and Technical guidelines

Beyond having reached a level of quality which sets an example for other companies in this industry, Albertini offers a wide system of identification and warranty. All our products display the Albertini brand label and the CE medallion which are affixed to the window frame. Each window and door is accompanied by a double chart: Scheda Prodotto (Product chart), an ID card, which describes the entire history of the window or door from the production order to the performance characteristics; and Scheda Tecnica (Technical chart) which, through the identification of the components and the accessories, allows for a quick intervention by the after-sale service department in case a repair or substitution should be needed. Each product is also covered by the “constructions warrantee” and a user’s and maintenance manual is provided, which allows the client to handle all regular maintenance.

Choosing the right window

To create architecture, today more than ever, means to design paying particular attention that the final product is harmonious in itself and with its surrounding in addition to practicality, materials, technology, and energy efficiency. This will allow for a pleasant sensation to those whom will live in the home.
Half way between the architectural design and the interior design, the choice of the window is often of great importance in defining the value of a home, its constructive quality and the character of its image. 
As such, there is no doubt that larger windows increase the appeal of a home thanks to the variety of light that only a glass opening can allow.
All these details are possible without affecting the goal of those projects geared towards low energy consumption: low environment impact and technology can be paired with beauty and elegance.
This is where the value stands. Albertini is a great partner to those clients and project managers who desire combine energy efficiency to beauty and elegance.

The choice of a window depends on many factors, the most important of which are the location of the house and the kind of environment they are installed in.
Here's some useful suggestions that can help you in the choice. 
What is the window indicated for a house in town? In this case the first aspect to consider is the right matching with the architectural style of the building, but it's very important to keep under control the aggressions of the environmental factors such as smog and pollution. For these reasons, it's better to prefer plain frames and esences like Meranti and Hemlock, which facilitate the maintenance. What window have I to choose if I want to protect my house from smog and noises? In the last years the use of on external cladding in Aluminium has grown very much. This because they increase the thermal and acoustic performances of the home and make cleaning and maintenance easier. In the country, which window is best?In these kind of environments the choice must primarily fall on essences like Pine or Oak with Mordenzato finishing.
Also the windowpanes can be stylized in antique or rural shapes with horizontal fillets (toscano) or cross grids.What's the best for commercial and directional buildings? Wood windows with Alumnium cladding are the optimum solution.
Many problems linked to condensation and creation of cold areas, tipical of buildings haunted only during the day, have been successfully solved thanks to this kind of systems.
Moreover, these windows have a great flexibility in design and are very easy to maintain.

Why choose wood?

Wood is, first and foremost, the pleasure of wood: a living material that offers important advantages to a home and a real sensation of wellbeing to those whom live in it.
Albertini’s wood is free interpretation: it can be cut in all forms and can be combined with
aluminum and bronze cladding and endures any weight (bullet proof windows and sound reduction glass). Albertini, in particular, uses exclusively a structure of laminated wood which is more solid and offers high stability, and better mechanical performance. From an estheticpoint of view, Albertini’s wood is ideal for modern or classic decor.
The different species and finishes of the wood are like those of different textures in clothing, offers particular designs and esthetic influences, like the irregular texture in the Meranti wood and the elegant texture of Mahogany.

Energetic Save

The fundamental indicator for measuring heat loss in building elements is represented by the Coefficient of Thermal Transmittance (U). The lower the U value, the lower the energy dispersal through the particular building component in question.

Our approach on thermal and acoustic performances of the windows we market is far away than a simple respect of the laws in force: instead, we are oriented to the maximum level of performance through the action on all structural elements that improve air seal gaskets, window profiles, type of glass, laying, etc...).

This allows us to grant windows with both aesthetical appeal and technical capacity to lower any heat loss, with huge saves on the consumption associated with mechanical heating and cooling.


Home automation is the interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of technologies to improve the quality of life at home, especially in making "smart" appliances, equipment and systems. It was born and developed with the aim of finding out new tools and strategies to:
- improve safety;
- simplify the planning, installation, maintenance and use of technology;
- reduce operating costs;
- save energy;
- convert the old environment and old plants
- improve the quality of life.
Albertini windows can actively contribute to the automation of your home. Here is a brief description of the main devices available that can be installed on our windows on request.
The range of our motorized windows is characterized by the total absence of visible electrical connections between the door and the frame, still maintaining absolute high electronic performances and high security levels. This permits to avoid breakages and maintenance and represents an aesthetic advantage, because all electrical equipments are hidden. Moreover, the Albertini motorized lift and slide is particularly quiet and precise in movements and can grant high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

All Albertini tilt-turn casements can be equipped with a motorized opening system, which ensures maximum security and flexibility thanks to the use of a reliable German patented mechanism. This system permits us to respond to the most diverse projecting needs and also allows to operate the unit manually in case of need.
If you are planning to install an alarm system in your house, ask your Albertini dealer for windows with integrated alarm sensors: this will help you to avoid the risk of damages to your windows during the works for the installation of the electrical equipment.

Safety devices

The home must be a safe place where one must feel happy and protected. From this stand point, it's clear that the windows - element of separation between inside and out - must contribute in a substantial way to the total safety of the dwelling.
SAFETY means:
- Wholesome materials with which the building shell is composed by.
Wood, from this point of view, is the leader among the natural materials for the home, because, besides the fact that it's completely ecocompatible, it betters the quality of the microclimate thanks to its antiseptic properties and it's able to return humidity when the air is too dry;
- Quality of the product and the production process. The Albertini windows undergo performance testing pertaining to its quality which guarantees its safety in any situation and its limits. Furthermore, thanks to the technology that sets us apart, our windows can support any type of glass and cladding providing the opportunity to install any necessary category of security glass.
Albertini windows undergo rigorous performance tests, which guarantee their safety in any weather condition. Upon request, moreover, you can install additional special safety mechanisms such as:
Laminated panes, like those found in automobile windshields, which offer protection from dangerous fragments as well superior UV protection.
Also in this case, lamination of the exterior pane affords enhanced secutity against vandalism and burglary and ultraviolet trasmission.
A device that blocks the opening of the window in the only "drykeep" way. You will then give an airing to your children's room any time you want without risk for their safety.
In this kind of opening system, the handle is positioned on the lower side of the window so that it can be easily opened even by those who are confined to a wheelchair.
Electronic mechanism applied directly on the frame which allows your electrician to complete your alarm system in your home without injuring the structure and the coating of the window.