Full glass

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The essence of beauty with no filters

"Full glass" is a newly born, modern concept of window that enhances the architecture of each environment because it ensures complete transparency guaranteeing high levels of acoustic performance, energy and seal.

The windows of this typology are suitable for architectural situations where you want to maximize the vision to the outside without the use of structures with visible profiles. The perimeter frames designed for the accommodation of door profiles, in fact, are invisible because they are hidden within the side jambs and above. This ensures transparency and total visibility outwards.

The lines of sliding system Apexfine and Witri'A can be coordinated by special Albertini systems characterized by minimal lines and clean, as the line Futur'A, Futur'A “raso muro” or the lift and slide Luce: each of them fits perfectly with the philosophy of "all glass" as it flushes to the wall.